Undergraduate Studies that Require Knowledge of Descriptive Geometry

  • Mechanical Engineering –UG 033-207
  • Recycling - UG 033-246
  • Energy Engineering - UG 033-276
  • Materials Science and Technology -UG 033-238
  • Metallurgie und Metallkreisläufe - UG 033-224
  • Mineral Resources Engineering - UG 033-208
  • Environmental and Climate Protection Technology - UG 033-212

With what proof is this requirement generally considered to have been met?

  • School-leaving certificate from a higher technical education institute
  • Positive completion of the school subject descriptive geometry to the total extent of at least 4 hours per week, completed between the 9th and 12th (13th) grade.

Can I enrol in one of the bachelor’s programmes listed above even without sufficient knowledge in Descriptive Geometry?

Yes, you are required to take the lecture Introduction to Descriptive Geometry (VO) as part of your admission, which you must have successfully completed by the end of your bachelor's programme.

Bachelor’s programmes that do not require knowledge in Descriptive Geometry starting with study year 2023/2024

  • Applied Geosciences – UG 033-206
  • Geoenergy Engineering – UG 033-218
  • Industrial Logistics – UG 033-214
  • Industrial Data Science – UG 033-530
  • Circular Engineering – UG 033-299
  • Responsible Consumption and Production – UG 033-216

Further Information:

  • Regulations made in the context of study admissions BEFORE the winter semester of 2023/2024 retain their legal validity and must be fulfilled.